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EAS 001

Tilt and Roll Easel stand enables mobile digital signage solutions with versatility on a whole new level. 

Product Specifications

Suggest size 30-55"
Color:Black or Silver
Loading Capacity/bracket:60kgs
VESA StandardMax 400*600 Portrait
Screen RotationMax 400*400 Landscape
OrientationPortrait & Landscape
FeaturesHandling Knob

Wheel & Adjustable feet

Product Description

Tilt and Roll Easel stand enables mobile digital signage solutions with versatility on a whole new level. With movable wheels, Tilt and Roll Easel lets you easily move smart signage from one place to another, displaying messages at high traffic areas such as entrances or beside the counter. The stand also includes height adjustment, and landscape or portrait mode support for great freedom to customize the display for your business needs. In addition,  Tilt and Roll Easel comes partially pre-assembled and ready to go in just minutes.

This M Tilt and Roll Easel is a mobile floor stand especially made to utilize screens up to screens from 32" up to 65" in public areas. The possibilities to use a screen and the M Tilt and Roll Easel are vast. Popular in shop entrances, hotel foyers, trade shows, and other direct marketing situations or where information is needed to be moved around makes this floorstand you perfect mobile companion. By being a mobile floorstand is also a good way to utilize a screen stretching your investment by serving a variety of projection needs by sharing a large display over multiple usage scenarios.

Base front is flush to the ground providing the user with free movement in touch screen applications without fear of tripping over legs or casters. 2 high performance casters paired allows the stand to stay in place and move where and when you need it. Roll this cart through doorways and over thresholds and when in place always have stabile position of your screen. In department stores, hotels and other public situations the floorstand and screen can then be moved into a secure location after usage and locked safe.

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