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LCD 0004B

Flexible, sleek and streamlined, the Deskmount Officeline frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity.

Product Specifications

Spec.& Desc.
Suggest size:10" ~ 32"
Material:Alu. / Metal / Plastic /MDF
Color:Black / Silver/ white
Loading capacity:10kgs per mount
VESA standard:75*75/ 100*100
200*100 optional
Feature:Clamp /Grommet

Cable Management

LCD 0004B

Product Description

Reposition your LCD with ease. Up, down, forward and back is now just a matter of your choice. Now finally comfort and ergonomy is really possible to achieve. With the  Deskmount Officeline Single Black you can easily set the screen to your specific position. By doing so you save back, neck and eyes. The  Deskmount Officeline  is your new office partner giving great flexibility and ease of adjustment.

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