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Koford is a professional company engaged in development,production and sales of TV mounting system,computer & monitor stand. Since its establishment 2013, our products are mainly exported to European and American markets. Our customers include specialized online e-commerce providers and offline distribution traditional customers. The company has the worksite of 3000 square meters and an independent metal workshop and 2 assembly lines. At present, it has 50 employees. We attended exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas every year.

Koford has a worldwide reputation for quality products and innovative ideas. We offer products with unique design and high quality to meet the latest market needs. A large number of research and development investment, to ensure that our products have the core competitiveness at the same time, but also to stand in the forefront of the industry. The complete solution system can meet the personalized customized service needs of global customers.OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

Focus on product quality

Koford’s products consist of the most durable materials, premium steel plate and anodized aluminum alloy. Strict safety testing system, to ensure that every product before leaving the factory passed the quality control. The highest production standards, the most stringent quality control, the production of the best quality products. Humanized product packaging, the use of reinforced core material, drop test, can ensure the integrity of the product presented to each customer in safety.

Dedicated product development and design

In order to meet customers' different needs for products, our designers go out to learn in the way. Dedicated to the support industry and devoted to ergonomic research. Product mobility, intelligent lifting, different performance combinations enable our products to meet functional requirements at the same time, can provide more customer applicability.

Company Vision

With the vision of creating a better life as the company and the core of technology research and development and market development, koford continuously improves the advantages of technological innovation, continuously strengthens research and development and innovative design, continuously improves the manufacturing process, and continuously raises the added value and technical threshold of products. Hand in hand with every customer, advocate a healthy life concept!

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