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FS 10

Public Healthy equipment,widely used hospitals,schools,hotels,restaurants,airports etc Small size,space-saving,flexible insallation and convenient Anti germs,avoid cross-infection

Product Specifications

Spec.& Desc.
Sensing method:Infrared auto-sensingQty/ctn:1
Sensing rang:0~12cmCarton size:600*320*150mm
Response time:25ms

Power supply:4 pieces of AA (1.5V) battery (Non rechargeable),
or DC 6V input
Installation mode
of liner:
Independent assembly, easy to replace and cleanQty/20"GP:970pcs
Liquid capacity:1000mlQty/40"GP:2010pcs
Liquid pump:Spray/LiquidQty/40"HQ:2360pcs

FS 10

Product Description

Flexible installation

Ideal for small spaces

Touchless system; Minimizes cross contamination

Dispensing aproximately 500 times per fill-up

Compatible with most liquids or gels

Promote safety and sanitation in your office, school, restaurant, hotel, restrooms or kitchens with the  Automatic Hand Sanitizer Floorstand hands free soap or sanitizer dispenser.

Because your employees or customers hands never touch the dispenser, the M Automatic Hand Sanitizer Floorstand hands free sanitizer system dispenses helps to reduce cross contamination.

It′s Touchless

The Automatic Hand Sanitizer Floorstand hands free sanitizer system dispenses 1 mL of foam per activation versus 1.5 ml per pump for most bag-in-box liquid soap dispensing system. Assuming one dose per hand washing, Automatic Hand Sanitizer will provide twice the number of hand washings washings per 1000 ml refill

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